Hello my name is Steven Wilkinson,

I'm the owner of Formby Van Hire & Removals. I took the company over two years ago.
The business was started some 31 years ago and has been serving customers in and around Formby throughout that period.

When I took the business over I was asked my ambitions and goals for the business. Something that I had to sit down and think about.

I just couldn’t answer this question straight away, in hind sight I am glad that I didn’t.
As this was to be the one thing that has shaped the future of this company and something I want to share with all my customers.

When I sat down and came up with 5 things that where really important to me and my business it made me realise what the future was to look like for me.

Q & A

Question:  who are the most important people in my business?

1 - They are my customers, so it would make sense for me to make sure that any decisions I make concerning my business, I involve my customers.

We are and remain a very customer focused business.

Question: who do I like to do business with, what does that company look like.

2 - A company that is honest, has integrity.

Is professional and cares about its business, the way that business is perceived by its customers, a company that is prompt, reliable & professional.

Question: what do I expect from this company?

3 - Service, to give my customers an exceptional service, always  friendly and helpful, advice comes free, so does courtesy and good manners.

Question, how do I expect this company to act?

4 - Customer satisfaction, our aim is always to keep our customers happy and satisfied
We will never leave a customer unhappy and I appreciate the effects of good customer service and relations.

Question: what are the company values, and ambitions?

5 - We never stop building our business for the future, we never stop learning, and we never stop improving what we do.

thank you